Wralda’s Juul

The story about the hjul (Juul) started when Freja (Frya) wrote the Law (Tex) of her people. In order to write she needed letters, and so the Juul-sign was created.

Round as the sun and divided in to six equal slices. All letters and numbers are formed from this sign, thus giving her people the gift of text. Each year the julafton (juul fest) is celebrated in honor of this.

Her law contained the rules of life, of punishment and of reward. It tells how to treat each other, when to get married, how to prevent corruption and how to preserve her teachings. It tells stories of the world since before Åtland (Atlantis) was submerged in water.

Prosperity awaits the free. At last they shall see me again. Though him only can I recognise as free who is neither a slave to another nor to himself. This is my counsel:—

This article is not about the wonderful story of the Fryan children but about the Juul, the symbol which is the base of all the letters that tells the story.

I do not pretend to understand any of the deeper meaning of these documents nor am i the judge of its authenticity.

These illustrations are my personal experiments with the juul in a geometrical and mathematical approach, they are done for my amusement and for my love of beauty.

The Juul forms the basis of a Cube

this fact blew my mind

Juul Kub

The star of the sheriff, remphan or david …

The classic “flower” Juul can be formed by circles with 60deg rotations

This picture shows the 10 Kabalistic Sefirots in the form of 27 circles making up 11 complete Juuls

Juul Sefirot