Google FLoC is a major security concern

Google is rolling out Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) for the Chrome browser.

Let me quote the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

The third-party cookie is dying, and Google is trying to create its replacement.

No one should mourn the death of the cookie as we know it. For more than two decades, the third-party cookie has been the lynchpin in a shadowy, seedy, multi-billion dollar advertising-surveillance industry on the Web; phasing out tracking cookies and other persistent third-party identifiers is long overdue. However, as the foundations shift beneath the advertising industry, its biggest players are determined to land on their feet.

Read the full article at EFF: Google’s FLoC is a terrible idea

Now to the big question, how do we block this behaviour

If you are running a WordPress site there is a simple way of doing this.

Thanks to Carike at the WordPress Core Team for informing us about this solution!

function disable_floc($headers) {
    $headers['Permissions-Policy'] = 'interest-cohort=()';
    return $headers;

add_filter('wp_headers', 'disable_floc');

Another important step is to stop using the Chrome browser altogether, a great alternative is the Brave Browser

I made a plugin which can be download here.