Nimpen J. Nordström

extraordinary results require extraordinary efforts

about me…

I create! Mostly fun stuff where I have a chance for personal and technical enlightenment. I like logic and beautiful code. I believe that information wants to be free, free as in freedom. I always strive to do my best and take responsibility for every project, small and large.

what i like?

I enjoy doing graphic design for web and print and I am always involved in various coding projects, both my own and in collaboration with others.

But most of all I love to be out in nature, fishing or just relaxing in the hammock, summer time is usually spent in my summer cottage, far away from asphalt and LED lights, I have electricity out there but I use it mostly to charge my phone and laptop.

when i like to do it.

The most effective time of my day is between 4-8 in the morning, I love being in the office but let’s face it, office time is mostly about collaboration between employees and customers.

what i do :

I am a full stack system developer, graphic designer and network security enthusiast. I develop web apps and maintain daily ISP chores such as updates, backups and support.

I am also a board member and employe of the digital printing company Västeråskopia AB, a highly advanced printing business with a complex API for calculation of cost and prices. it acts as a powerful plugin to the WordPress/WooCommerce e-platform and it has a dynamic web2print portal for custom products like business cards.

why i do it!

My goal has always been to create great things, in 2010 i started the company ASBRA AB (Awesome inc) with my brother and stepfather. The whole business idea is to only take on projects with great potential and lots of fun, since then we have grown to be a trusted partner for many companies who share our philosophy.

I first came across Linux in 1995 and ever since I have been exploring the many amazing things that can be accomplished with a little imagination and perseverance.

My Life Timeline

January 14, 1980


Born at Danderyd Hospital in Sweden

January 14, 1980


Family bought a Commodore 64. Soon after that i discovered a book called “Basic Programming on VIC64”


Got my first Amiga with the programming Language “AMOS BASIC”.


i386 PC with MS-DOS and “QBasic” . I soon discovered “Borland Turbo PASCAL” which really got me interested.


My first encounter with Linux, the kernel version had just reached 1.x and i remember Slackware being the first distribution i ever tried, i still miss the tar-gzip based package system.


During an internship i developed a Linux based firewall solution to help connect public schools in Västerås to the internet using a single public IP and NAT forwarding.


Got my first job as a network and Windows NT 4 Administrator at Miroi in Västerås .


Started working full time on a commercial firewall at Bytewize


Quicknet as a support technician and part time developer.


Started the consulting firm ASBRA AB

Programming skills


  • BASH
  • WEB
    (PHP, HTML, CSS & SQL)


  • Javascript / JQuery
  • LUA (Domoticz automation)


  • GO
  • Perl
  • Python
  • C, C++

Some of my experiences…

Container technology

  • LXC 3.x – Linux Containers
  • Docker – Application containers

Major tech

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Business
  • Microsoft AZURE

Pixels & vectors

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Rush
  • Gimp
  • Inkscape

Networking services

  • Apache & Nginx – Web
  • Postfix & Dovecot – Mail
  • Bind9 – DNS
  • MySQL & MariaDB – Sql
  • SAMBA – Windows file sharing
  • SmsD – 3G message API
  • APCUPSD – UPS Power Management
  • OwnCloud – File sharing

Office work

  • Google (Spreads, Document & Presentation)
  • Office 365 (Excel, Word & Powerpoint)
  • Open Office
  • BL Bokföring & Amanda -Fakturering

Recent Coding Projects

some of my projects are protected by confidentiality and can therefore not be shared publicly.

  • LXC 4.x Web Gui – A cross server JSON-API for Linux Container management.
  • Formdata – Store, measure and compare efforts in different areas of your business. (Internrevision, Egenkontroll & självskattningar enligt standardformulär)
  • aFW – Advanced firewalling and intrusion detection based on Linux NetFilter


Jimmy “Nimpen” Nordström
Phone: 0000 0111 0110 0000 0000 0111 0110 0000 0011 0010