Customize WordPress Login CSS

I Wrote a plugin that attaches a hook to the login page and adds custom CSS. The plugin can be administered from your admin menu “Settings/ASBRA Login Plugin”. Simply add your CSS rules and click the “Save Changes” button.

I’m not a robot

Google has a nifty way of checking if you’re human or not. I wrote a PHP Class for verifying ReCaptcha v.2.

Sending Email from Chroot Environment

So you dont want to install the Sendmail daemon in every Chroot environment to be able to use the PHP mail() function? Of course not.. the simple solution is called mini_sendmail, it connects to localhost on port 25 to deliver the emails.

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PHP Class for generating unique non chronological ids from a number list This code is part of a larger project where we needed user ids that would be simple to remeber but hard to predict.

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