Measuring web page speeds

Collection of scripts to measure what is making your page slow


Script for measuring latency for a web-page


"time_namelookup": %{time_namelookup},
"time_connect": %{time_connect},
"time_appconnect": %{time_appconnect},
"time_pretransfer": %{time_pretransfer},
"time_redirect": %{time_redirect},
"time_starttransfer": %{time_starttransfer},
"time_total": %{time_total}

curl -w "$curl_format" -D >(cat) -o /dev/null -s "$@"


To download copy of index and generate list of links to images

# wget -k
# cat index.html | grep img | grep -Po 'src="\K.*?(?=")' | sed 's/\?.*//' > links.txt
# more links.txt

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