LXC 2.x Web GUI

LXC is an abbreviation for “Linux Containers“ which is a feature in the linux kernel, it allows you to install multiple Linux installations running on the same kernel. It’s kind of like chroot but much more powerful as it allows for process and network isolation. I’ve seen that there is a fancy web GUI for […]

lxc-top not found

Thats right, i saw the new lxc-top command that is available in 3.0 and i was kind of impressed. Since i’m running version 2 and wanted something similar, i decided to go with a simple bash script, the data is collected via proc and the values are converted with some help from BC (arbitrary precision […]

Custom Post Type with Taxonomy

Posts and pages are two sides of the same coin, the main difference is that posts (a.k.a blog-posts) are sorted by date and have optional categories or tags, pages do not. Under the hood they are both called post_types but they have been initialized with different parameters. We will be creating our own post type […]