dnssec, Bind9 on Alpine

Signing your zones might sound complicated, here are 5 steps to get going on Alpine Linux 3.12 with Bind 9.14. 1) Create the bind config Make sure to fulfil the necessary dependencies! The command for alpine is “apk add bind bind-dnssec-tools” # vi /etc/bind/named.conf /etc/bind/named.conf 2) Create your zonefile cd /etc/bind/zones vi bekla.ga /etc/bind/zones/bekla.ga 3)… Continue reading dnssec, Bind9 on Alpine

lxc-top not found

Thats right, i saw the new lxc-top command that is available in 3.0 and i was kind of impressed. Since i’m running version 2 and wanted something similar, i decided to go with a simple bash script, the data is collected via proc and the values are converted with some help from BC (arbitrary precision… Continue reading lxc-top not found

DAMP – Docker, Apache, MariaDB & PHP-FPM

Are you still using virtual machines like a sucker? here’s the complete guide to the future, it’s called containerization. I’ve been using chroot for years, not only for webpages with the php-fpm, but also for services like Postfix, Dovecot and Bind.