The ultimate ~/.vimrc

So many hours spent on this file… It only uses built in functions from the vim-nox package, if you dont already have it installed then issue: # apt-get install vim-nox I use vim as a full IDE for all my development, combined with MiniBufExpl plugin and TMux to split screen for tailing log files.

Tcpcrypt.. How could we miss this?

Install Tcpcrypt and you’ll feel no difference in your every day user experience, but yet your traffic will be more secure and you’ll have made life much harder for hackers.


PHP Class for generating unique non chronological ids from a number list This code is part of a larger project where we needed user ids that would be simple to remeber but hard to predict.

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My new Mascot

I was bored so i wrote this little terminal animation, it utilizes tput and printf. Enjoy! (“< KVACK! The code will make me dance / ) "

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Different ways to utilize the PV command in Linux

pv acts much like the cat command since in outputs the content of the file and graphs the transfer. It can also be piped in different ways. pv file > filename.out pv options | command > filename.out comand1 | pv | command2

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