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Chown Shifting SUB*ID like a bash ninja

Finally, a quick and dirty solution to the LXC SubUID and SubGID conversion conundrum

LXC Operating Systems PHP

Linux Container API v4.0

The simple hypervisor for Linux Containers

LXC Operating Systems PHP Security

Shared hosting vs. Containerized hosting

Running a classic web hosting environment with virtual hosts and chroot isolation has been the de facto standard for a long time. Even when using chroot all sites still share the same namespaces for network, users and processes. The Linux kernel has built in support for a set of features called LXC (Linux Containers) which […]

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Better-, Butter-, B-tree Filesystem (btrfs)

My standard Linux server setup usually consists of a software raid1 with two disks syncing. The problem with traditional raid, both software and hardware raid, is that it is only useful if one of your drives completely dies. If you experience Silent Data Corruption or if your drive goes bad you might end up with […]

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LXC 2.x Web GUI

LXC is an abbreviation for “Linux Containers“ which is a feature in the linux kernel, it allows you to install multiple Linux installations running on the same kernel. It’s kind of like chroot but much more powerful as it allows for process and network isolation. I’ve seen that there is a fancy web GUI for […]

LXC Operating Systems

LXC – Linux Containers

Let’s get right to the fun part!