Apache Server Signature

When Apache cant find the page that you are looking for it says “Not Found” and then it reveals your apache version number and sometimes even the modules that you have enabled. Do you want this?

Leverage browser caching

If you’ve ever tried the Google Developers Audit or the Pingdom Speed test on your website then you’ve probably seen the warning about “Leverage browser caching“, it basicly means that the site tells the browser to keep some of the files cached for faster page loading. You can do this with your local .htaccess file:

TLS v1.1 is being phased out by 30 June 2018

Apache supports lots of different encryption protocols, some of which have serious vulnerabilities that puts sites at risk of being breached. The Poodle and Beast exploits are just a couple examples of how attackers have taken advantage of weaknesses in SSL and TLS to compromise organizations.